Ciencia Ficción. La creatividad de un artista (2012)

pelicula Ciencia Ficción. La creatividad de un artista (2012)






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Roberto Soto is a renowned Spanish science fiction screenwriter. He has won a Goya award and his screenplays are internationally acknowledged. However, his producer is tired of science fiction and believes that, in Spain, he has to write films of different genres, something more intellectual and existential: social dramas, enriching values, philosophy, etc. With these arguments, the producer demands him a screenplay that has nothing to do with science fiction. As a result, Roberto has to decide whether to write what he's good at and was born for, or to do what he has been told. Roberto is forced into resigning and doing what he is paid to do: he locks himself in the living room with his typewriter in order to write a screenplay according to what is expected, with the urgency of the producer's visit, who wants to check up on his work. That same day, Luis, Roberto's best friend also turns up at his house, with an idea for a film about mutant octopuses, convinced Roberto can make ...

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